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Police warn drivers as car accident injuries and deaths rise

NSW Police have urged drivers to take more care on the roads this festive season, with a number of car accident injuries and deaths occurring over a short period.

There were two crashes on Monday (December 1) alone, resulting in two individuals losing their lives and several others being taken to hospital.

The first incident involved a motorcyclist and a couple in a Toyota Prada. The 61-year-old riding the bike collided with the car while trying to navigate a left-hand bend in Taralga.

While the 74-year-old man and 71-year-old woman escaped with minor injuries, the motorcyclist died at the scene. The man driving the car had to submit to mandatory blood and urine tests following the accident.

In a second crash, a 23-year-old male driver left the roadway and hit a tree while travelling south on Kidman Way. The vehicle rolled several times and although paramedics assisted him at the scene, they were unable to save him.

A passenger in the car survived the incident, but was transported to Griffith Base Hospital with “non-life threatening injuries”.

According to NSW Police data, 305 people have already lost their lives on the state’s roads this year. This is five fewer than at the same time in 2013.

Avoiding car accident injuries and deaths

Traffic and Highway Patrol Commander, Assistant Commissioner John Hartley said there are a number of ways to prevent needless accidents on NSW roads.

“When we get behind the wheel of a car we are faced with some of the most important and potentially life-changing choices,” he stated.

“Each and every road user should be getting behind the wheel and choosing to live.”

Assistant Commissioner Hartley said car owners must not drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs, avoid speeding and never use a mobile phone while driving.

He also recommended regular breaks to prevent tiredness behind the wheel, wearing a seatbelt and taking into consideration other road users.

“As the holiday season approaches, Traffic and Highway Patrol officers will continue to be out in force on NSW roads, with the aim of stopping those who choose to break the rules and preventing those drivers and riders, their passengers, and other innocent road users from become further sad statistics,” he added.

The commissioner also warned motorists that they will be caught if they choose to ignore the advice of police and make reckless decisions on the road.

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