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New WorkCover campaign kicks off in Victoria

The Victorian Coalition government recently launched a new WorkCover campaign which will focus on preventing musculoskeletal injuries.

State assistant treasurer Gordon Rich-Phillips announced the new plan on Sunday June 10, acknowledging the huge cost that these injuries have on some workplaces, individuals and the region as a whole.

“Musculoskeletal injuries are the most common workplace injury, costing nearly $1 billion a year in medical costs, wages and other expenses,” Mr Rich-Phillips explained.

He went on to say that more than 40 Victorian workers are affected by these injuries every day – a problem that costs over $50,000 in compensation and wages.

To counteract this, the Victorian government has decreased the WorkCover premiums – a move that aims to save businesses millions per year.

For those of you who are unsure about what types of injuries can be classified as musculoskeletal, anything that damages the muscular or skeletal systems could fall into this category.

“They affect the body’s muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments and nerves, are easily prevented, often difficult to treat and can be long-lasting and a source of great pain,” Mr Rich-Phillips explained.

Although this new campaign is unique to Victoria, the announcement does serve as a useful reminder about the importance of minimising risk and preventing musculoskeletal injuries in the workplace.

These types of accidents can occur in any state or region and in a large number of different jobs – therefore they are something that all employers and employees may like to be aware of.

According to Mr Rich-Phillips, exercising caution and putting preventative measures in place is key.

“Ensuring people are properly trained and supervised, use the right equipment and clean up spills to prevent falls are no-cost or low-cost measures that will reduce workplace accidents,” he asserted.

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