Young drivers targeted by staged crash

Date: Oct 26, 2011

Around 400 teens from across the central west of New South Wales will be given a front row seat to a staged car accident in an effort to address the disproportionate numbers of young adults and teenagers who die on the region's roads every year.

Students from the ten high schools across the Parkes, Forbes and Lachlan shires will be among the audience as a number of actors and professional emergency service providers donate their time to the NOT A STATISTIC! Youth Driver Education Program.

Held at the Parkes PCYC on October 27, the two performances will open with a short video detailing the events that typically lead up to a car accident.

The staged collision has been revised repeatedly since its last showing in July, with the region's Injury Prevention Officer Melanie Suitor saying that a lot of work has been going into generating the exact levels of shock needed to get the message across.

Suitor asserted: "We have been working on staging this year’s mock car crash demonstration since July and there is quite a lot to it.

"There will be a full emergency response involving NSW Police, NSW Ambulance and Parkes SES."

With a design stage stretching back to July, students should be in for a very realistic show – complete with the sounds of screaming tires and frenzied activities as the volunteers scramble to help the unfortunate 'victims' from the 'damaged' vehicles.

Prior to the event, both Melanie Suitor and Lachlan Crime Prevention Officer Senior Constable James Dolbel will be attending local schools to drive home the message on road safety.

Their presentations include an interactive driving game and several sets of 'beer goggles' that help to simulate the disorienting effects of alcohol.

This is not the first time the staged collision has been performed in the area – both Suitor and Dolbel were involved in a similar display earlier this year.

The need for these re-enactments stemmed from crash data that showed that young people aged 25 and under held 16 per cent of drivers' licenses across NSW but were involved in 32 per cent of accidents.

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