Young drivers are a greater risk on the road

Date: Jul 07, 2016

It is commonly known that young drivers are more at risk of being in a car accident. With many people turning to car accident lawyers to ensure their standard of living is not impacted by injury, it is important that young drivers are given the support they need to develop into responsible drivers.

The New South Wales government has picked up on this and is looking for ways to increase its governance of younger drivers.

Youth at risk on Australian roads

As with any activity, young people can lack the experience and skills needed to overcome challenges that present themselves. This is not a major issue in some cases, with trial and error correcting behaviour. However, when it comes to driving, error can lead to major injury and even accident compensation.

Take statistics from the Young Driver Database. Using research from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare and the Roads and Traffic Authority, it found that car accidents are the single biggest cause of injury and death for Australian youth. With 45 per cent of all young Australian deaths and injury stemming from road traffic crashes, it is no surprise the government is looking to do more.

New South Wales looking to improve young drivers

In an effort to facilitate the development of young drivers, the state government is looking at replacing learner logbooks with a phone application.

With the launch of the Learner Driver Logbook Innovation Challenge, the government is encouraging individuals, start-ups and companies to develop an app that will help learners grow. The Centre for Road Safety’s Executive Director Bernard Carlon pointed out this is an easier and more efficient way of recording driving hours.

“Ask any learner or parent – it is time for a system which taps into the latest technology and moves into the digital age,” he said.

The learner app must meet a number of requirements, such as being able to capture the scope of information the current paper-based logbooks do. Additionally, the app must not distract drivers or their supervisors and ensure learners meet the road rules relating to the use of mobile phones.

In the event a car accident does occur, if you have been injured it is important to seek the help of compensation lawyers. With their guidance, you can understand the basis for your claim and the likelihood you will be successful.

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