You may need to demonstrate for your public liability claim to be successful

Date: Jul 27, 2016

If you have an accident in a public space, you are more than likely eligible to make a public liability injury claim and seek accident compensation. Although not always the case, there are times when you may be required to prove that the third party the claim is being made against was responsible for your accident and any subsequent injury you may have suffered.

Why do you need to demonstrate?

This is where the experience and expertise of compensation lawyers comes to fruition. The burden of proof in public liability cases falls on the claimant, according to the Civil Liability Act 2002. It is because of this, most third parties that would be involved in public liability cases are normally required to demonstrate that they have sufficient public liability insurance.

Displaying that the third party was responsible for your accident shows that they were negligent in their duty of care towards you. This essentially means that the defendant has the legal responsibility to fully ensure members of the public are provided with care and never have their safety compromised without prior or forewarning.

It’s also important when demonstrating your accident that you clearly show that your accident was solely down to the actions, or lack thereof, of the defendant.

Understanding the legal terms such as negligence and duty of care can go a long way to helping understand what you’re dealing with and whether or not your claim has any foundation.

Get what you are owed

At Gerard Malouf & Partners our experience in dealing with personal injury law has told us that people are often unaware of what they are entitled to – or that they are entitled to anything at all – when making a claim for public liability compensation.

Why are people unaware of this? Mainly because there is such a plethora of circumstances in which people seek public liability compensation members of the public are often unaware of what constitutes a valid claim and are unsure as to whether it is worth the monetary costs to pursue.

We deal with public liability claims everyday so we know exactly what is needed to deal with insurance companies. All of the tactics used by insurance companies to minimise the pay outs they make are nothing new to us, so we can maximise our clients’ compensation pay outs. So if you have had an accident and feel you may be entitled to compensation, get in touch today

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