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Would you like fries with your surgery?

A car accident injury can range from concussion to shattered bones. In both cases, an injured individual can look for injury compensation to ensure they have the capital they need to cover medical and other expenses.

Motor accidents compensation is essential for those who have been seriously injured, especially if they need to undergo surgery.

Life saving brain surgery at a McDonald’s car park 

In June, an Australian man was travelling between New South Wales and Victoria when he drove into black ice. The hazard caused the car to spin, roll and throw the man out of the driver’s side window.

The impact from the crash lead to the shattering of his pelvis, chest and leg. In addition, the car accident caused serious injures to his forehand as it came into contact with the road.

However, the situation was made worse as his skull was filling with blood due to a torn artery in his cranium. When the man reached the Bendigo Hospital, doctors believed he needed an urgent transfer to The Alfred Hospital for surgery.

The transfer was delayed due to fog, but unfortunately the man did not have time to wait on the helipad. As such, Mark Fitzgerald, The Alfred’s head of trauma, jumped into his own car with another neurosurgeon and met the ambulance at a McDonald’s car park. With them, they took everything they needed to successfully complete the surgery.

When they arrived, the two medical experts hopped into the back of the ambulance and drained around 250 millimetres of the man’s blood. He survived and was able to reunite with his partner and new-born baby after waking from a coma.

Rising car crash demands attention

While not all car accidents end as sensationally as the one above, there is an increasing number of people being injured New South Wales’ roads. With Transport for NSW reporting that over 12,500 people were injured on the roads in 2013, ensuring you have the means to look after yourself is important.

When an injury occurs, a number of financial forces become salient. Whether you need to pay for ongoing medical care or specialist transport, a compensation settlement can make the difference to your quality of life.

If you would like to know more about injury compensation, talk to the experts at Gerard Malouf and Partners today. With our no win no fee guarantee, you can rest assured there is no obstacle to a high quality of life.

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