Workers in high-risk jobs need to renew licences

Date: Nov 08, 2012

WorkCover NSW is reminding high-risk workers to renew their licences as soon as possible, with the closing date (December 31) fast approaching.
Workers need to renew their licences to comply with the new national standards for licensing and mobility.
"This is the final stage of the NSW transition, which began in 2006," WorkCover NSW Work Health and Safety Division general manager John Watson said in a statement.
"The incoming changes are going [to] be very beneficial to the thousands of people in NSW currently holding a high-risk work licence," he added.
This is because the cards will now have a uniform appearance across the country. The main changes to the licences include adding an expiry date, a photo and also information about the type of high risk work that the holder does.
Mr Watson believes that people will benefit from a national card, especially those that travel interstate for work.
"It makes sense to have one licence recognised no matter where you work in Australia, rather than the present system where some licences are only recognised in the state where they were issued," he said.
The changes to the licence system have been underway since 2006, so Mr Watson hopes that people by now understand how to identify whether they need to get their paperwork renewed.
However, to ensure that everyone is on the same page he issued a few tips.
"If you received your licence before 1996, or if it doesn't have a valid expiry date or photo ID, the licence will need to be replaced," Mr Watson explained.
"Anyone unsure if their licence needs to be replaced should call WorkCover on 1800 335 791, email us at, or visit our website"
High risk work is usually associated with operating heavy machinery or working working from heights. Some examples of when you may need to apply for a high risk licence is if you are involved with the following: forklifts, scaffolding, rigging, dogging, cranes, hoists, pressure equipment and reach stackers.
Before people can obtain a high risk licence they need to meet a set of eligibility criteria – a full list is available on the WorkCover NSW website.
Those who work in high risk industries should be vigilant about following workplace rules and safety protocols.
However if they are ever the victim of an accident they may be eligible to claim compensation. There are compensation lawyers in Sydney that can review your case, and who operate on a no win no fee basis.

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