WorkCover NSW reminds employers to be “vigilant” about health and safety

Date: Jul 05, 2012

When running a company, employers have a myriad of responsibilities to uphold.

One of the most important aspects they have to pay attention to is the health and safety of their employees in the workplace.

While some may think that only those in high risk industries such as mining, construction or emergency services have to be extra careful about safety, in reality there are hazards that can occur in every sector of employment – so it is always important to be aware.

To minimise the risk of an accident occurring, it is also advised to put preventative processes in place.

Running training workshops, providing protective gear and educating your employees about risks and safety are just some of the ways that you can help prevent problems.

To emphasise this point, WorkCover NSW published a media release yesterday (July 4), outlining the importance of being careful, aware and planning for prevention.

“It is paramount to assess risks and develop safe work methods to reduce the possibility of an incident occurring,” general manager of WorkCover’s work health and safety division John Watson asserted.

“WorkCover provides a range of free services and guidance material to help businesses achieve the best possible safety outcomes.”

On the WorkCover website there are some short clips, fact sheets and articles that further explain strategies for preventing accidents.

Mr Watson said that a series of incidents in the NSW region had prompted the organisation to issue this reminder about workplace health and safety.

According to the WorkCover release, two men died last week on two separate occasions.

One of them was a 40-year-old man, who suffered catastrophic injury and died after a forklift rolled on top of him at the Flemington Markets in Sydney.

The other was 62 years old and passed away in a farming incident in Albury.

In addition, another man died just yesterday in another incident with a forklift, this time in Tamworth.

Two men are also in hospital suffering from severe injuries, bringing the total number of accidents up to five.

Mr Watson is encouraging employers and business owners to learn from these tragic incidents and to do what they can to ensure they do not happen in their workplaces.

“These tragic events serve as a stern reminder that there is no room for complacency when it comes to workplace safety,” he asserted.

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