WorkCover investigating multiple workplace accidents this week

Date: Feb 22, 2013

The WorkCover Authority of NSW reported today (February 22) that it was investigating an incident that happened at an aluminium factory in Milperra yesterday.

A worker was injured when a 1.4 tonne pallet of glass fell and pinned them. The worker was unloading a shipping container at the time of the incident and sustained serious injuries.

WorkCover has commenced a full investigation, and inspectors have already visited the site.

Many workplaces can pose risks to employees for a variety of reasons. The risk of injury is generally higher when dealing with large and heavy machinery and vehicles.

In those cases, rather than bruises or superficial cuts, the potential exists for head injuries and other more serious consequences, including death.

Earlier this week, WorkCover announced that it had started an investigation into the death of a worker at a grain storage facility near Wee Waa on Tuesday February 19.

The worker was struck by a reversing front end loader while sweeping grain. Though subsequently transferred to hospital, the victim died of their injuries.

Managing workplace health and safety risks is critical to ensuring employees are working in a safe environment.

WorkCover advises businesses that the first step in a risk management strategy should be identifying any reasonably foreseeable hazards.

The best option for each hazard is naturally to try and eliminate it. Where this is not possible, minimisation is the next best strategy.

Training should play a big part in risk minimisation. This will ensure staff know the correct procedures to follow when undertaking tasks which entail certain risks.

Protective equipment can help to reduce the severity of injury, when incidents do occur. Things like eye goggles, face shields, respiratory devices, foot protection, hard hats and body protection can help to prevent catastrophic injury.

When you do suffer injury at a workplace, the consequences can be far reaching.

Your injury may prevent you from working for a period of time, which can block your earning potential and put you under financial pressure.

In addition, your hospital care and ongoing rehabilitation may leave you with a mounting medical bill which you may struggle to pay.

If you find yourself in this position at a NSW workplace, you may be eligible for workers compensation.

Your best plan is to talk to personal injury lawyers in Sydney – some of which operate on a no win no fee basis – who can consult with you about your situation and your possible compensation entitlements.

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