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Work Safety Week highlights employees as number one asset

Businesses across New South Wales are being encouraged to get actively involved in a number of events to help focus efforts on protecting their number one assets – their people.

Work Safety Week officially began on October 23 and runs until October 29, with firms able to participate in a range of activities that can help change employee habits.

Speaking on the launch of the initiative, general Manager at WorkCover's division of Work Health and Safety John Watson said that many organisations in NSW were already working hard to look after their staff members.

Watson asserted: "Safe Work Week is a great time for businesses to revisit the safety of their workforce by planning activities that raise awareness of health and safety issues while also ensuring they are compliant with relevant obligations."

Some of the initiatives suggested by WorkCover include publicly updating safety procedures, issuing positive posters that reinforce the importance of health in the workplace and providing handy refresher courses in a palatable format such as a staff barbeque event.

These kinds of forward-thinking actions can have a powerful, positive impact on employee perceptions and productivity, according to Watson.

While the activities can be a good team building and morale-boosting experience, the serious nature of safety in the workplace should be the main focus.

"Safe Work Australia report that nationally, more than 134,000 Australians are seriously injured at work each year with a quarter of serious claims requiring three months or more off work," he stated.

"To reduce the injury rate and protect NSW workers, WorkCover works closely with industry to develop sustainable safety outcomes to help make businesses safer and more productive."

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