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Winter road safety reminders

It’s no secret that winter is well and truly on its way – temperatures are getting cooler and Sydneysiders have already seen more than their fair share of autumn rainstorms.

As the weather changes, it’s important to not only bundle up to keep out the cold, but also to adjust our driving habits to winter conditions.

Shorter days mean that many of us are commuting to and from work in the dark – and whether you drive, walk or cycle, the reduced visibility can put you at an increased risk of being injured in a car accident.

There are, however, a number of preventative steps you can take to ensure you stay safe on the roads this winter.

Increased visibility

If you’re a pedestrian or a cyclist, it is essential to make sure that motorists can see you. Avoid wearing dark colours, only cross roads at marked crossings, and consider wearing reflective clothing for better visibility. Cyclists may also want to consider adding lights to their bikes to make them more visible at night or in rainy and foggy conditions.

Slow down

Motorists know that speed and wet roads can be a dangerous combination. Monitor how fast you are going – and make sure that you’re not only keeping to the speed limit, but also making safe decisions based on the current conditions. If it’s dark, raining or you are travelling on a winding road, the safest course of action may be to slow down and drive with care.

Know what to do in the event of an accident

If you are injured in a car accident that was not your fault, you are eligible for compensation – this will largely depend on the extent of your injuries and the type of treatment you may require.

Consulting a no win no fee lawyer can help you maximise the amount of compensation you may be entitled to – and if you have been injured as a cyclist or a pedestrian, or in a hit-and-run style accident, your lawyer’s experience could prove to be invaluable.

An experienced personal injury lawyer can offer guidance and support as you make your compensation claim – helping you to obtain medical certificates and other evidence as required.

Best of all, you have nothing to lose by contacting a no win no fee lawyer – and their experience means you may be able to get a much better result than you would on your own.

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