Winter carries unique safety risks for NSW businesses

Date: Jul 14, 2020

Winter is here in many parts of Australia, bringing with it frigid temperatures and a number of risks for people in New South Wales. As temperatures drop, people and businesses alike need to be more cautious.

In many cases, products that are popular among Australians may need to be tested or otherwise checked before use each winter, according to Mirage News. Between heaters, electric blankets, hot water bottles and more, fire and burn risk can rise, especially if the product is older and hasn't been used in months.

Unique risks

Andrew Gavrielatos, executive director of community engagement for NSW Fair Trading, noted that some 200 people each year nationwide are seriously burned by hot water bottles, and about 50 die in house fires, the risk of which can rise when using electric heaters and blankets.

While many of these issues arise as a result of older items malfunctioning, companies that manufacture such products also may be held liable if newer options malfunction as well, creating a public liability and recall risk that can be quite costly.

What about workers?

Icy sidewalks and freezing temperatures may put businesses at risk in other ways, according to Pro Choice Safety Gear. If ice is left to linger in well-trafficked areas, the chances that someone slips, falls and injures themselves are certainly higher – and that, too, can be a big public liability risk. Similarly, if businesses require employees to work in low-temperature conditions, they could be found negligent if an injury or illness results.

For these reasons, businesses should take all due precautions to ensure they are adjusting to winter conditions appropriately, and make sure they are keeping liability risks to a minimum.

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