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Wild, windy weather warning for NSW

The state of New South Wales may take a bit of a battering over the next 24-hours, with the Australian government Bureau of Meteorology having released a weather warning just before 10:30 this morning.

Drivers may want to exercise extra caution when behind the wheel, as wet and windy conditions can cause havoc on the roads if people do not adjust their speed appropriately.

Gales of up to 35 knots are expected to lash the waters between Port Kembla and Moruya Heads, with swells probably reaching three metres.

Strong wind warnings have also been issued for the waters between Point Danger and Crowdy Head, Port Stephens and Point Kembla, and Moruya Heads and Gabo Island.

If you are travelling in a car along this coast then make sure your drive according to the conditions.

Inner parts of the state will also be affected – just half an hour after the first weather warning, the Bureau of Meteorology issued another update, this time for Eastern New South Wales.

It is said that a cold front is moving up from Tasmania, and bringing with it wild winds.

Illawarra, South Coast, Southern Tablelands, Snowy Mountains and South West Slopes should all expect heavy gusts of at least 60 kilometres per hour. These could reach a peak of 90 kilometres per hour.

As for the Metropolitan, Hunter, Northern Tablelands, Central Tablelands and the south western parts of the Mid North Coast, these areas should see damaging wind gusts over 90 kilometres per hour this afternoon and Friday afternoon.

The State Emergency Service is advising people to ensure that any loose items around your yard, house or balcony such as outdoor tables or plants are firmly secured or moved inside.

They also suggest to park vehicles away from trees, and to keep well clear of any fallen power lines.

All in all it looks as though the people of NSW are in for a rocky few days.

According to a report by the Herald Sun earlier today, State Emergency Service personnel attended about 30 call-outs overnight, one which included a roof blowing partially off in Bega.

If you come into any trouble over the next 24-hours, you are advised to contact the local SES on 132 500.

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