Why material in Tennant Creek poses danger to residents

Date: Dec 08, 2016

Residents that live in a small town in the outback are getting increasingly angry about the possibility that asbestos-ridden temporary buildings – or "dongas" – remain abandoned in Tennant Creek after six years. It's also yet to be determined how the asbestos material got into the buildings in the first place. Find out how cases like this of poor handling of asbestos-laden material are common and what Gerard Malouf & Partners' team of asbestos compensation lawyers can do to help.

Buildings with asbestos have not been removed 

For six years, 11 dongas that may contain asbestos have been left in Tennant Creek, posing a risk to the public's safety, according to Northern Territory News.

A spokeswoman for the Department of Immigration and Border Protection stated that they are looking into how the asbestos material could have entered the country in the first place.

Residents who live near the creek are shocked that that the buildings are still there. It is especially bad considering that the dongas serve no practical purpose anymore. Earlier this month, a privately sourced report from the Australian Safer Environment and Technology has substantiated the claim of the dongas possibly containing asbestos. 

After two anonymous complaints, NT WorkSafe is investigating the issue. 

Make a claim if you've been exposed to asbestos

A national ban on the manufacture of asbestos material took effect on 31 December 2003 after it was discovered to be the cause of many deaths, according to the Australian Government's Asbestos Safety and Education Agency.

However, asbestos is still getting into the country through illegal importation. This is because the material is still in wide-use in other countries that Australia trades with. The importers and exporters are responsible for ensuring materials do not contain asbestos, according to the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

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