Whitley Park truck crash

Date: Mar 09, 2012

A truck accident in a southern suburb of Sydney has resulted in one man being taken to hospital for medical tests and observation.

According to official reports, the crash occurred on Canterbury Road in Wiley Park at around 00:10 on March 6.

Police said that a westbound b-double heavy transport and a Nissan sedan collided near the intersection of Rawson Road.

The truck's male driver was not injured during the collision and did not require medical assistance – although he most likely had to undergo a breath test at the scene.

Reports indicate that the driver of the Nissan was also able to escape obvious injury – however the male occupant was taken to the nearby St George Hospital for precautionary medical examinations.

Should it be found that the man has suffered internal harm, he may be able to apply for truck accident injury compensation.

No indication was given as to what caused the incident and officers are investigating the conditions that lead up the crash.

Emergency services had to close down several lanes on the major roadway to allow investigators from the Campsie LAC to examine the scene.

The collision took place around 800 metres from a known traffic 'blackspot' in Wiley Park – the intersection between King Georges Road and Canterbury Road.

This area is noted by the authorities to have been the site of a statistically significant number of accidents over the years.

In 2007, the intersection was listed in the top ten crash sites in New South Wales – with 63 collisions taking place there within the 12 months recorded.

Police took the opportunity to mention that the female driver of a white sedan – believed to have been a BMW – that was travelling on Canterbury Road at the time may have witnessed the accident and urged her to contact the authorities.

Even relatively minor strains from an accident can result in painful conditions that can beset victims for months on end – with one of the more common cases being for whiplash injury claims.

Because these afflictions can impact on every aspect of an individual's life, being able to apply for compensation is important as the funds can be used to make up for financial losses and help to improve their quality of life.

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