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What to do if you are in a car accident

With an ever-increasing amount of vehicles on New South Wales roads, the chance of being involved in a car accident is higher than in previous years.With vehicles reaching higher speeds and distracted driving more prevalent, the risk of injury has also never been greater.

As of April 27, there have been 113 fatalities on state roads this year based on Transport for NSW data. This is 11 more than the same time last year.

It is important to recognise what to do in an accident, not only in regard to making a compensation claim, but also to guaranteeing the safety of everyone involved. Here are some guidelines should you be involved in a collision.

1) Assess safety

Once the accident has happened, it is imperative to first check yourself for injury and if safe, look over any other passengers in the vehicle. If you can get out of the car, you should remain on the side of the road.

If you are trapped or there is debris blocking your exit, then you have to stay put as further movement can cause additional damage to yourself or the vehicle. In some instances flammable liquids can leak from the car, so move everyone away from the collision site if you smell petrol.

Contact emergency personnel if someone has been injured and don’t neglect to call the police if the crash is serious, as their notes could be crucial for a compensation claim or if an offence has taken place.

2) Move vehicles

Once people have been checked for injuries such as whiplash, the next task is moving vehicles out of the way. If you had an accident in the middle of the motorway in Sydney, then traffic will back up quickly and you may need the assistance of police or a tow truck to move vehicles to a safe place.

It is crucial for occupants to record evidence of damage to their vehicles and make sure that it has been noted by police. You could also collect witness statements for possible legal proceedings. Do not to admit fault at this stage as this can affect your possible compensation claim.

3) Contact a car accident lawyer

Once the ordeal has finished and you are out of shock, it is advisable to contact a car accident lawyer. If you were injured, you could be eligible for compensation so get in touch with the lawyers at Gerard Malouf Partners today.

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