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What can you expect from compensation lawyers?

If you are thinking about making a public liability injury claim, you should get in touch with Gerard Malouf Partner's team of compensation lawyers.

They can help you determine whether you have a case and walk you through the slip and fall injury claims process.

The Law Society of New South Wales is very clear about how compensation lawyers are to manage such cases. 

First, they will promote your case to the utmost of their ability and make sure they are not guilty of conducting "wasteful procedures or over-servicing".

In addition to this, they should be "sympathetic, objective, professional and courteous" at all times.

It is also the job of compensation lawyers to provide you with a "realistic" understanding of your situation. In other words, they are obligated to let you know how likely your case is to have a successful outcome, as well as disclose the risk that you could walk away with nothing at all.

They should also share with you details of the Civil Liability Act (2002) as the pertain to your case. If you wanted compensation, say, for an injury suffered while taking part in a recreational activity of some kind, they would let you know that special rules apply to this branch of public liability. 

For example, there is no "duty of care" associated with any recreational activity when the person taking part has been warned of the risks involved. This rule could impact whether or not you can make a public liability injury claim.

In order to nail down the facts of the case, compensation lawyers are permitted to "communicate with clients of all walks of life to elicit all relevant details relating to liability, damages or compensation". They will also ask questions about your life pre-accident, including your education and work life.

This information should help them develop a comprehensive picture of how the accident has affected your life, which will enable them to determine how much injury compensation you may be entitled to.

They will also – with your assistance – gather evidence to help support your case. This includes documents such as police reports and transcripts, and written statements from any witnesses who were at the scene. They may need to visit the location where the accident took place, too, to gain a better understanding of what took place.

Most importantly, compensation lawyers will support and guide you during this difficult time, and do their very best to make sure you receive the injury compensation you deserve.

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