Wastewater discharge leads to fine

Date: Oct 14, 2016

The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has taken action against a flour supplier over two pollution incidents relating to its Tamworth starch factory. On one occasion, the factory discharged untreated water onto a local farm. While the impact was not more than a foul odour, untreated water can be a cause of illness.

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Untreated wastewater discharged

The EPA fined a flour supplier $30,000 for two instances of pollution. Both instances were due to poor maintenance leading to waste water being discharged at very high temperatures (68.2 degrees Celsius), which is considered thermal water pollution. Untreated wastewater was also discharged onto a nearby farm, leaving a lingering smell.

NSW EPA Acting Manager Armidale Region Lindsay Fulloon said that routine maintenance can ensure incidents and resulting fines are avoided.

"These incidents put aquatic life in the Peel River at risk and caused significant inconvenience to the community. The unfortunate thing is, both could have been avoided with regular equipment checks."

The discharged water was not just offensive to people's senses, it could also lead to the spread of bacteria and resulting sickness.

Untreated water can cause sickness

According to the United Nations, over half of the world's hospital beds are occupied with people suffering from illness associated with contaminated water. Unfortunately, more people die due to the effects of polluted water than are killed by all forms of violence, including wars.

The reason we have laws that stop wastewater being discharged is to protect the wellbeing of the nation's population. With the UN pointing out that over 80 per cent of global waste water is pumped into water bodies, there is a real need to ensure that companies stay compliant with environmental controls.

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