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Want to experience a car accident, without the car accident injuries?

NRMA Insurance is giving Sydneysiders the chance to experience what it’s like to be in a car accident – without having to suffer the car accident injuries.

It’s all part of the Crashed Car Showroom, a new exhibit that’s been launched in the New South Wales capital’s CBD.

Robert McDonald, head of research at NRMA, said you can tell people everything there is to know about what it’s like to crash and receive a car accident injury, but “if they don’t experience it, they don’t know”.

He told Techworld Australia the simulation had been designed to create the most realistic experience possible, taking into consideration the speed of the vehicle and how this would dictate the severity of the car accident.

The exhibit uses some of the latest technology – including the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset – to allow people to understand what happens in a car accident. This is the first time such technology has been used as part of a safety exhibit.

As part of the simulation, users get to crash a modern vehicle, as well as one from the 1980s.This should give them a good indication of just how far safety technology has come in the past three decades.

“A lot of people say safety is important when choosing a car, but in reality only one in ten know what safety features are available and what they actually do,” Mr McDonald told

Anthony Justice, head of marketing at NRMA, said in a March 17 statement the Crashed Car Showroom is “an opportunity for us to raise awareness for safety on our roads, as well as showcase NRMA’s expertise in the field”.

“One of the opportunities for us here is to be able to demonstrate we are in fact on the leading edge of some of the technologies, and we are understanding the impact they have on vehicle safety and ultimately on insurance.”

The car accident simulation is not the only draw card the Crashed Car Showroom. AdNews revealed that other exhibits include “eye-tracking technology”, which gives users a chance to see how risky taking your eyes off the road – even for a split second – can be.

One of the biggest killers on New South Wales roads is people driving while distracted, so this exhibit could save many lives.

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