Wallaby motorbike accident leaves rider with critical head injuries

Date: Feb 24, 2012

An accident involving a car, a motorbike and a wallaby in the upper-north-shore suburb of Lindfield, Sydney, has seen one motorist taken to hospital with critical head injuries.

According to reports the crash occurred on February 23 at around 20:10 when the medium-sized marsupial bounded into traffic on Lady Game Drive from bushland along the roadside.

Police say that the wallaby was first struck by a Holden Commodore station wagon driven by a 34 year old.

The driver was able to maintain control of the vehicle after the impact and was not injured during the collision.

However, the animal was then hit by a 25-year-old man riding a motorcycle who was travelling behind the station wagon.

The impact caused the rider to lose control of his machine, dislodging him from the bike and ejecting him onto the asphalt.

He was thrown to the road with enough force to sustain critical injuries to his head despite wearing a helmet.

The man was taken to the nearby Royal North Shore Hospital for treatment, where he remains in a critical but stable condition.

Emergency services report that the full extent of the injuries sustained by the 25-year-old man will not be known for some time.

Police officers from the North Shore Local Area Command closed off the arterial roadway for a number of hours during the night to allow paramedics to treat the motorbike accident victim.

According to reports, the wallaby that caused the accident also received massive injuries from the multiple impacts and died at the scene.

Crash investigators were also present at the scene, examining the surrounding area to determine the events leading up to the incident.

The injuries sustained during these kinds of accidents can require ongoing treatments and extended periods of rehabilitative therapies in order to make a full recovery.

While it is common knowledge that compensation payments are available in incidents where a particular driver can be shown to be the cause of a crash, funds can also be made available to victims of so-called 'no-fault' accidents.

The Motor Accident Authority (MAA) makes special provisions for cases where an individual is hurt due to an unexpected external factor.

Examples given by the MAA include sudden mechanical issues such as break failure, unforeseen medical conditions such as a stroke or heart attack or the interference from environmental sources, such as a fallen tree or the appearance of wildlife on the road.

In these cases, the authority can make funds available to assist accident victims in paying for their treatments.

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