Vrege Kolokossian: What you need to know about applying for public liability compensation

Date: Sep 18, 2012

Many people may be unaware that they are entitled to claim public liability compensation for injuries sustained due to the negligence of another party, according to accredited personal injury specialist Vrege Kolokossian.

In fact, many people may not even understand what public liability is – let alone how to go about making a claim.

This is an issue that the team of lawyers at Gerard Malouf and Partners hope to rectify – as Mr Kolokossian asserts, "we have to be aware of what our rights are".

So what are our rights if we sustain an injury due to someone else's negligence? In a recent interview, Mr Kolokossian shed some light on the subject, and provided some detailed examples of public liability cases.


One of the most common questions that people have about public liability compensation is 'how do I know that I am eligible?'

Mr Kolokossian said that most people are eligible if "they can show that the owner of the premises, or the manager, or the occupier had done something wrong".

"It's important to show that someone's been negligent," he added.

This means that people need to be able to prove – be it through medical records, video footage, or witnesses – that another individual or organisation was at fault.


The most common example that people use when talking about public liability is the slip and fall scenario.

Mr Kolokossian said this type of accident happens most frequently in public places.

"That would especially be the case in shopping centres, where a spillage has taken place and the cleaners have come up to clean it but they've failed to cordon off the area or place warning signs," he explained.

Another example could be that "one of the workers sees the spillage, but they go away to get a mop and bucket, rather than standing there to make sure that no other person walks past and slips!"

Or to name a third situation, a slip and fall could occur if the council or another organisation conducted some work on a footpath and then failed to close the hole up properly, or to do the work to a proper standard.

"In those instances, you can show that what they've done is clearly negligent," says Mr Kolokossian.

If someone is involved in an accident such as this, then in order to make a compensation claim they need to report the incident immediately, and see a doctor and ensure that all of their injuries are put on record.

This can then be used as evidence further down the track. A good compensation lawyer can help you to better understand your unique case by speaking with you directly.

"We are able to have a quick look at the facts," Mr Kolokossian said.

Mr Kolokossian has been practising law with Gerard Malouf and Partners for 17 years, and specialises in motor vehicle accidents, public liability and negligence claims, as well as workers compensation.

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