V8 Supercars star highlights importance of road safety

Date: Dec 04, 2015

Few people will be able to attest to the dangers of excessive speed like professional racing drivers. Ahead of this weekend’s V8 Supercars final in Sydney, the NSW Police enlisted the services of current Bathurst Champion and V8 Supercars fan-favourite driver Craig Lowndes in an effort to boost road safety.

So far this year, the state’s road toll has already surpassed 2014’s final figure. The sheer number of fatal car accidents that have occurred across NSW this year reinforces the dangers of our roads, especially with the busy Christmas holiday period still to come.

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How will celebrity endorsement change road safety in NSW?

As an experienced campaigner in the V8 Supercars, one of Australia’s premier motor racing categories, Craig Lowndes has experienced every type of danger a person can encounter in a motor vehicle.

From car accidents to inclement conditions, Lowndes is to the dangers people may face on the roads. The difference is, when Lowndes is on track, he’s in a race-prepped vehicle fitted with a roll cage and other safety features. On top of this, he also wears a fire suit and full-face helmet, luxuries normal drivers aren’t privy to.

Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burn said last year’s race in Sydney should be seen as a warning people driving on public roads.

“Last year, the race had to be red flagged after only 44 laps because of torrential rain,” she explained.

“That decision demonstrates that even professional race drivers will not risk injury to themselves or anyone else when the conditions aren’t right,”

The report outlined the various distractions that are putting the state’s motorists in undue danger, which include everything from drug driving, adverse conditions and inappropriate mobile phone use. The NSW police asked motorists to be aware of these distractions and drive safely, hopefully reducing the number of fatal car accidents on the state’s roads.

As a spokesperson for the initiative, Craig Lowndes drew on his years of racing experience to detail what people should and shouldn’t do on the roads.

“Safety is paramount when we race V8 Supercars around the track and is equally important for everyone on the state’s roads,” he said.

“Take responsibility and look out for each other.”

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