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Unpredictability of roads highlighted by recent incidents

No matter how safely you drive, there is no way to guarantee 100 per cent that you will avoid an accident.

That’s because there are so many different factors at play. Your own behaviour on the roads is only one variable, and unfortunately it’s about the only predictable one.

What you can’t foresee is how things outside your control might conspire to cause an accident resulting in minor or catastrophic injury.

Things like the actions of other drivers, the weather or mechanical failure.

Two accidents which took place within the last 24 hours have highlighted this reality, and serve as a reminder of the unpredictability of our roads.

A crash yesterday (January 10) which happened west of Mudgee has resulted in the death of one driver and injury to another, according to NSW police.

A 59-year-woman died after her vehicle crossed the centreline while heading northbound on the Castlereagh Highway in Cudgegong and impacted oncoming traffic at about 12.30pm.

Her vehicle first hit a Toyota utility and a Holden Commodore, before colliding head-on with another Toyota ute.

The woman died soon after being freed from her vehicle, which she became trapped in for a period of time.

The driver of the second Toyota was a 43-year-old man who suffered minor injuries and was taken to Dubbo Base Hospital.

Meanwhile in Melbourne, two policemen were injured when a car driven by an elderly man, allegedly under the influence of alcohol, crashed into their vehicle late last night, according to the Herald Sun.

Both police officers sustained minor injuries and one needed hospital treatment.

The 74-year-old man at the wheel of the car tested positive in a preliminary breath test. He was subsequently taken to Royal Melbourne Hospital to be kept under observation and for further testing to determine his blood alcohol level.

In NSW, whether you happen to be a driver, a passenger, a passing cyclist or a pedestrian, if you are injured in a road accident for which you are not at fault or only partly at fault, you might be entitled to car accident compensation.

This is possible through the NSW motor accidents compensation scheme.

Injured parties with a successful compensation claim may be entitled to payment of medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, loss of income, non-economic loss and/or legal costs.

If you suffer injury in a car accident, personal injury lawyers in Sydney can discuss your circumstances with you and advise whether you might successfully make a case for compensation.

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