Under fire chiropractic board could prompt medical negligence claims

Date: Feb 22, 2016

The various medical regulatory bodies set up around Australia are intended to oversee and assist the professionals and practices created to keep people safe across the country. While in most cases they are adept at doing this job, in some instances breakdowns in their effectiveness can have significant health concerns for patients that need help.

Recently, the Medical Journal of Australia announced that the Chiropractic Board of Australia needed to be sacked after there were claims it was unable to do its job.

The claims made by the Medical Journal of Australia are significant, referring to incidents of mistreatment that could be the basis for future medical negligence claims.

Evidence suggests board could be sacked

The authors of the piece that was published in the Australian Medical Journal explained that the Chiropractic Board of Australia was ignoring a number of serious complaints that had been made against various practitioners in the sector.

According to the authors, one of their main concerns was the chiropractic treatment being advertised and prescribed for diseases, illnesses and other ailments  were not of a musculoskeletal nature. These included the claim that asthma and penumonia could be cured with spinal realignment procedures from trained chiropractors.

Of the 10 different clinics the original complaint process focused on, just one had removed the online advertisements that falsely represented their services and risked causing further harm to patients.

The Journal’s piece reported that, five years ago, the Chiropractic Board of Australia asked that all websites belonging to practitioners only held accurate information and met national advertising laws. According to the article’s authors, this is still not the case and it appears that the Board is doing nothing to solve the problem.

In a January 17 interview with The Guardian, CEO of the Consumers Health Forum Leanne Wells noted that the incidents suggest it’s time for further intervention to prevent further medical negligence claims.

“It is no laughing matter that the agencies purportedly established to protect consumers have shown, by their absence of effective action, little sign of putting patient interests first, the prime reason for their existence,” she stated.

“The promotion of unproven therapies over several years begs the question about whether it is time for federal and state governments to intervene and reconstitute the regulatory oversight of chiropractors.”

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