Tyre safety checks a ‘no brainer’, says NRMA

Date: Mar 26, 2013

Australians planning on getting away over the Easter weekend have been warned about the importance of tyre safety.

That’s the message from NRMA Motoring and Services, which recently conducted a car park survey to check the condition of car tyres.

The results were concerning: one in five cars had at least one tyre with a dangerous level of wear, while many others had tyres with the incorrect air pressure.

NRMA senior policy adviser Jack Haley says that tyres need to be inspected regularly for wear, inflation levels and damage.

“The NRMA is concerned that motorists driving on worn tyres are oblivious to the potential and very real danger they are putting themselves and others in,” said Mr Haley in a statement today (March 26).

He says that under or over inflated tyres can lead to reduced performance and control on the roads, including decreased grip, poor steering and uneven wear and tear on tyres which can reduce their longevity.

Easter weekend can often be a wet one, with roads even more hazardous due to water on the surface.

This makes it even more of a priority that drivers ensure their tyres have enough tread to provide the traction needed in damp conditions.

Another recent survey found that one in five motorists only check their tyre pressure once every six months. It is generally recommended that drivers check their tyres at least once a month.

It doesn’t hurt to check more often, however, and the NRMA says that when driving over long distances, tyres need to be checked every few days.

“It’s a no-brainer really, it’s free to put air in tyres, it just requires a couple of extra minutes of time after you fill up.”

As tyres are the only thing connecting cars with the road, it follows that their maintenance is an important part of ensuring road safety.

NSW government statistics indicate that in 2011, there were 487 crashes in which tyres possibly contributed, including eight fatal car accidents and 199 in which injuries were sustained.

In fact, when it came to crashes caused by the failure of equipment, tyres were the biggest cause, contributing to more accidents than brakes (132), wheels and axles/suspension (79) and insecure loads (69).

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