Two women make slip and fall injury claims

Date: Sep 18, 2014

Two more women have begun legal proceeding against Woolworths, claiming they slipped on items while shopping.

The women, who were injured in separate incidents, claim the supermarket giant didn’t keep the floor clean or inspect them regularly for foreign substances that may pose a slip and fall risk.

Case 1

According to District Court records, Ipswich woman Silvana Jevtic said she slipped on a green leafy substance of the floor of the Woolworths at Yamanto Shopping Centre in late March 2012.

It is alleged the 45-year-old jarred her right foot as she fell and tried to hold onto her shopping trolley. Her body twisted and though she didn’t hit the floor, she severely injured her back.

This incident occurred more than two years ago, however, Ms Jevtic is still feeling the effects of the slip. She requires assistance for heavy lifting and cleaning and was dependent on her daughter for a number of tasks after the accident.

Ms Jevtic is suing Woolworths for $750,000 to cover rehabilitation aides, equipment and a gym membership. The claim would also pay for future medical treatment including occupational therapy and physiotherapy.

Case 2

Redbank Plains woman Melissa Ann Haidle is also suing the supermarket for $750,000 as reparations after she slipped on a grape in the Plainland Plaza store in March 2013.

According to court documents, the incident happened as she walked away from the bread aisle towards the cold section. As her foot slipped on the grape, her right foot went forwards and this caused her to twist and injure her right knee.

Ms Haidle requires the costs to cover both past and future medical expenses. She is also claiming for her lost earnings that the accident has stopped her from making.

Public liability in NSW

If you suffer a slip and fall injury at a NSW supermarket, you could be eligible for compensation.

However, to receive injury compensation, you will be required to demonstrate the owner of the supermarket where you were hurt was remiss in their duty of care to you.

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