Two more die on Kings Highway in fatal car accident

Date: Mar 13, 2012

A car accident on the Kings Highway about 20 kilometres from Braidwood has resulted in the deaths of two men and the hospitalisation of a third.

Police say that the silver Holden Astra was travelling on the major roadway in the Southern Highlands at around 10:30 on March 11 when the driver lost control of the vehicle.

The four-door hatchback spun down an embankment at the side of the highway, flipping wildly before it smashed into the base of a large gum tree just metres from the asphalt.

Photos of the crash site show that the car sustained heavy damage to its roof upon impact, indicating that it was most likely airborne at the time of the collision.

As such, the driver of the Holden and the passenger in the front seat suffered major injuries and emergency services said they died at the scene.

A third man was able to escape from the wrecked car by climbing out through a window that was smashed during the crash.

He was found by emergency services with a number of serious injuries and has since been transferred to the nearby Canberra Hospital where his condition has been stabilised.

No official report has been issued that confirms the victim's identities, but it is believed that the car's occupants were Chinese nationals who were studying at Canberra University.

This fatal car accident comes just days after a collision on the same stretch of road that claimed the lives of a 52-year-old father and his two daughters aged 11 and 13.

Speaking to The Canberra Times on March 12, a spokesman for the Monaro Police said that speed was likely to have played a part in both accidents.

The spokesman asserted: "A witness has told us she saw [the men in the March 11 accident] overtaking cars at that point on the roadway against double white separation lines, which is extremely dangerous.

"People don't think at the time that the ramifications for high-speed impacts are devastating, as these accidents have shown. But even with these high-profile events, people are still taking risks on the road.''

If a driver is found to be at fault in a collision, it may still be possible for the passengers travelling in the same vehicle the claim for car accident compensation.

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