Two injured in Appin accident

Date: Jan 23, 2012

An accident involving a car and a truck in the town of Appin to the south of Campbelltown has resulted in two victims being transferred to hospital with a number of injuries.

Police say that at around 18:40 on January 22, a Mazda 3 sedan collided with a B-Double pulling a semi-trailer on Appin Road.

Present in the car was a male driver aged 25 and a 24-year-old female passenger – both of whom were injured during the collision.

Initial reports show that the Mazda may have been trying to perform a U-turn at the time of the accident.

It appears that the car may have crossed into the path of the truck during the process – but at this point police have yet to release further details.

The young victim was airlifted to Westmead Hospital with suspected internal injuries, while his passenger – a woman aged 24 years old – was transferred to the nearby St George Hospital by road ambulance with injuries to her legs.

While he was not injured in the collision itself, the truck's driver was also taken to hospital for mandatory blood and urine testing.

Reports indicate that the road was closed by police for several hours as emergency services worked to free the injured parties.

To complicate matters the authorities had to deal with a fuel leak that occurred during the collision – removing the fuel from the scene to allow investigate the crash site safely before salvage crews were allowed to clear the wrecked vehicles.

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