Two incidents of pedestrian injury over the weekend

Date: Jul 23, 2012

Two car accidents resulting in pedestrian injury occurred in the New South Wales region over the weekend.

The first one was a hit and run and happened in the early hours of Sunday morning at approximately 03:40 in the inner-city eastern suburb of Darlinghurst, Sydney.

Since the driver did not stop at the scene, the police are therefore appealing to the public for any information they may have.

At this stage officials do not have any information about the vehicle in question and are doing what they can to further investigate the incident.

The person that was hit is a 37-year-old male. The collision occurred when he was crossing Oxford Street.

He was struck down and consequently suffered from broken ribs, a fractured collarbone and a fractured pelvis.

As soon as paramedics and police officers arrived on the scene he was taken to the nearby St Vincent’s Hospital.

Unfortunately this wasn’t the only pedestrian incident to occur in the region over the weekend.

The good news is, the driver involved in the second collision did not leave the scene, so police were able to breath-test him and further their investigations.

This accident also happened in Sydney, this time in the western suburb of Canterbury.

A 23-year-old male was crossing the road between Canterbury Road and Fore Street when a van came around the corner and struck him.

This happened near midnight on Sunday evening, at approximately 23:25. The person driving the van was a 44-year-old male driver and he cooperated with police at the scene.

The male crossing the street sustained minor injuries including a cut to the head and was taken to St George Hospital.

It is possible that there could have been a red pedestrian light when the young male was crossing the road, but police are uncertain at this stage and continuing out further investigation.

Anyone who may be able to provide further information is encouraged to come forward.

Pedestrian crashes are relatively common in big cities such as Sydney, and although these two accidents are unfortunate they do serve as reminders to stay focused and alert on the roads – whether you are behind the wheel or walking across the street.

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