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Two airlifted to hospital after Albion Park accident

A total of seven people were taken to hospital after an accident on the Illawarra Highway in a suburb of the Wollongong Metropolitan Area on January 8 – including two people who were airlifted out.

The head-on collision occurred shortly after 12:30 on the Sunday when a blue Holden Astra travelling east on the major roadway collided with a silver Ford Falcon travelling in the opposite direction.

Police have not commented on the cause of the accident at this time and it is unclear what factors may have contributed to the crash.

A witness to the crash told the Illawarra Mercury on January 9 that the accident was "pretty full-on" and that occupants from both cars were injured as a result.

"There was a whole family in the silver car, including a pregnant lady who was driving, her husband and a kid in the back," said the witness.

The male driver of the Holden suffered a number of fractures and lacerations and was subsequently taken to hospital by the Rescue 24 NSW Ambulance helicopter from Bankstown.

Joining him in the chopper was a male passenger who was seated in the rear of the Ford who had sustained internal injuries during the collision.

They were both taken to St George Hospital for emergency medical treatment, where they remain in critical but stable conditions.

A further five road ambulances were sent to transfer the remaining victims to the nearby Wollongong Hospital – including the young girl who had suspected internal injuries.

Conflicting information on the nature of the injuries received by the victims – as well as the age and sex of the individuals affected – means that the conditions of those involved is difficult to ascertain at this time.

Ambulance reports indicate that the driver of the Ford – a pregnant 28-year old-woman – was attended to at the scene to assess the health of her baby, while also receiving treatment for a range of cuts.

However, the police media statement indicates that the driver of the silver Falcon was male.

The confusing nature of this case makes it clear that car accident compensation is not always a straightforward matter – as details of how a collision unfolded can become obscured by conflicting recollections and reports.

Officers from the Lake Illawarra Police are conducting ongoing investigations into the cause of the crash.

While the initial prospect of applying for compensation to cover medical bills can seem a daunting ordeal, a no win no fee arrangement with an experienced lawyer can help to make the difference, offering victims the chance to explore their legal options before committing to a plan of action.

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