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Truckie trapped in Harbour Bridge smash

A truckie was trapped in his wrecked cabin after a collision occurred between two large rigs near the Falcon Street overpass on the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Initial reports indicate that the heavy vehicle was travelling north on the Bradfield Highway when it crashed into the back of a truck with an open-top trailer nearly 300 metres from Berry Street.

The rear vehicle – used to transport large volumes of landscaping material – had its cabin crushed by the impact, injuring the driver and trapping him in the wreckage.

Witnesses immediately called for help, with a number of police, fire and ambulance officers arriving on the scene shortly after 10:15.

Emergency services had to work for over an hour before they were able to free the 42-year-old man from the damaged truck’s cabin.

Paramedics then treated the driver at the scene for suspected injuries to his lower back.

From their he was airlifted to the nearby Royal North Shore Hospital (RNSH) where he remains in a serious condition.

Reports indicate that a second man was also treated by paramedics at the scene before being transported to RNSH in a stable condition.

Traffic in the area was affected for hours, with police urging drivers to avoid the iconic bridge and find alternate routes.

Four of the six lanes travelling north were taken up by emergency vehicles and crash investigators who were examining the scene.

At this stage it is unclear what caused the accident, with police yet to release an official statement.

These sorts of accidents can result in a number of injuries which require expensive medical treatment.

In NSW, these costs can be covered by car accident compensation, with payments available for rehabilitation therapies and hospital visits.

Individuals involved in no-blame incidents – where none of the parties involved can be shown to be at fault – are also covered by the Motor Accident Scheme (MSA).

It’s not just drivers that are covered by the MSA – passengers and motorcycle pillions can access these funds as well.

In cases where individuals suffer ongoing pain or permanent disabilities, lump-sum amounts can also be made available to help compensate for the change in the quality of life they have experienced.

A compensation lawyer can be invaluable in these cases, offering insights into the processes involved in applying for payment to be made as well as allowing victims to explore their legal options before proceeding with a claim.

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