Truck drivers need to slow down, say police

Date: Dec 20, 2012

The NSW Police Force is concerned at the speed at which some truck drivers are travelling at, stating that this could result in serious catastrophic injury to others.

“We cannot and will not tolerate speeding on NSW roads, especially not by heavy vehicles,” superintendent Robert Ryan said in a statement.

“All too often we witness the shocking tragedy one speeding truck can cause.”

Superintendent Ryan was recently appointed State Highway Patrol Commander of the Traffic and Highway Patrol Command (THWP).

This means he is now responsible for overseeing six busy highways – Northern, Southern, Western, Central Metropolitan, North West Metropolitan and South West Metropolitan.

Mr Ryan is taking his new role seriously and said that speeding truck drivers would not be tolerated.

“Truckies need to be made of aware [sic] that tampering with their speed limiter and breaking the speed limit can have life-changing consequences,” he said.

“Not only could you lose your licence and job, you could end up dead or in jail.”

Another possible consequence would be taking the lives of other innocent road users. Accidents involving heavy duty vehicles are often fatal, with people travelling in small cars likely to come out worse off.

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It is presumed that the police have issued this warning in the lead-up to the Christmas holiday season, where more cars are likely to be on the road and the risk of having an accident therefore increases.

Police across NSW will be vigilantly patrolling highways to enforce the law and try to protect those who are driving responsibly.

Over the past few days officers have already caught some truck drivers behaving negligently.

On Monday December 17 two trucks were found to be exceeding the speed limit of 100km/hr. One was booked at approximately 23:05 at night while travelling along the Hume Highway.

After police contacted Roads Maritime and Services, the truck was defected and grounded, while the driver was issued with a $521 fine and lost four demerit points from his licence.

The second truck that was detected exceeding the speed limit was booked at 08:05 in the morning on the Federal Highway in Bywong.

Since the driver was exceeding the speed limit by more than 10km an hour, he was fined $417 and issued three demerit points.

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