Truck compliance regime significantly reduces speeding occurrences

Date: Jul 11, 2014

Australia’s trucking community has been responsible for a number of accidents and incidents across NSW for a number of years. Hundreds of lives have been lost and countless others injured because of negligent driving from truckies.

As trucks carry so much weight, a speeding truck can be deadly and also influence the quality of other road user behaviour.

However, results of the latest truck compliance and enforcement regime in NSW have revealed that the industry is becoming much safer.

According to Roads and Freight Minister Duncan Gay, tickets for excessive speeding from truck drivers reduced 91 per cent over the last three years thanks to a major multi-agency crackdown.

“In March 2011, as the NSW Liberals & Nationals came into office, Roads and Maritime Services cameras detected 55,368 heavy vehicle speeding offences,” he said.

“By March this year, despite increased enforcement and the installation of more than 20 new point to point cameras for detecting speeding trucks, the offences had dropped to 4,924 – a huge 91 per cent reduction.”

Mr Gay explained that a number of Heavy Vehicle Checking/Safety Stations, Safe-T-Cams and point-to-point cameras were set up to catch speeding drivers and ensure the safety of all road users. He also said more than 300 frontline inspectors have been involved in the ongoing compliance regime.

“Between April 2013 and April 2014, Roads and Maritime vehicle inspectors completed 23 major on-road operations with 40,733 vehicles intercepted for inspection,” he stated.

“Heavy vehicle operators need to be aware our teams don’t just wait at checking stations, they are out on the road every day of the week – ‘rain, hail or shine’ – making sure trucks are compliant.”

According to Transport NSW, major improvements have already been felt in regard to road accidents. In June 2013, there were 21 fatal crashes involving a truck, compared to nine last month.

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