Truck accident in Finley claims the life of driver

Date: Dec 09, 2011

A B-Double and a Ford sedan were involved in an accident in the south of New South Wales that saw one driver die at the scene.

The 64-year-old male victim was travelling along the Newell Highway in Finley, east of Deniliquin near the Victorian border on December 9 when he collided with the heavy vehicle at around 15:45.

Emergency services were able to respond quickly, arriving soon after the incident occurred, but paramedics found that the car's driver had died at the scene.

Police reports say that the driver of the B-Double truck – a 50-year old male – was taken to hospital for mandatory blood and urine testing before assisting police with their inquiries.

He did not suffer any significant injuries as a result of the collision and did not require further medical treatments.

It is not clear how the accident occurred, with no official correspondences able to shed light on factors that may have contributed to the crash.

Police sectioned of the roadway to allow specialist officers from the crash investigation unit at the Deniliquin local area command to investigate the scene for forensic evidence.

While in this case the surviving party was not physically injured, the toll of motor vehicle accidents can be extraordinary for individuals to deal with.

The medical expenses alone can be quite considerable – not to mention the ongoing costs of rehabilitation therapies needed to restore them to their full potential.

In addition, some victims of car accidents can be left unable to work as a result of their injuries, meaning that they are otherwise unable to provide for their family while they recover.

For these reasons, the Motor Accident Authority has in place a number of schemes that allow crash victims to access cash payments that can allow them to recover from their injuries with peace of mind.

A no win no fee lawyer can help the injured parties to explore their legal options in these cases, allowing them to determine the best type of claim that should be made that takes their circumstances into account.

From there a claim for car accident compensation can be made with full confidence that the law firm will only require a fee once the funds have been awarded.

This means that a victim can gain access to experienced lawyers at no upfront cost – reducing some of the barriers to gaining the funds they need to assist a full recovery.

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