Top crash sites in Sydney include Hume Highway and Pennant Hills Road: report

Date: Aug 22, 2012

One national insurance company, AAMI, has published preliminary data from the 2012 AAMI Crash Index, which reveals the top five crash sites in Sydney.

The company examined data from close to 275,000 claims made between July 2011 and June 2012, and found that the most car accidents happened on the Hume Highway near Liverpool.

This stretch of road is renowned for being dangerous, and police regularly perform patrols in the area to try and catch any speeding or reckless drivers.

In fact, officers are currently focusing on the highway under 'Operation 31'. From July to October, they will be maintaining high visibility along the Hume, which is renowned for its high number of fatal car accidents.

"Over the last three years there have been more than 1,200 major traffic crashes on the Hume Highway," superintendent Gregory Lynch said in a statement in July.

"Almost 400 of those crashes resulted in serious injuries and 23 were fatal crashes.
It is hoped that the more awareness people have about this stretch of road, the more careful they will be when they are behind the wheel.

The AAMI report goes one step further to reminding motorists to exercise extra caution along the Hume Highway.

Other areas of concern are Pennant Hills Road, the second-highest accident hot spot, followed by Princes Highway in Rockdale, the M4 Motorway in Silver Water and Epping Road in Macquarie Park.

AAMI spokesperson Reuben Aitchison said that there are approximately two accidents every day at one of these top five hotspots.

Mr Aitchison identified a trend that all of the five hot spots shared, acknowledging that they "are both high-traffic and have relatively high speed limits".

Like the police, he advises people to pay extra attention when they are travelling along through these areas.

"A moment's lapse in concentration or judgement or letting your impatience get the better of you can easily lead to a crash," he said.

"Best case scenario you have a fender bender, but unfortunately we also see far worse," he added.

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