Three-vehicle collision in Warnervale sees three hospitalised

Date: Mar 23, 2012

A crash in a community to the north of Sydney has seen three people taken to hospital and around 15 needing medical attention at the scene.


Police say that at around 18:15 on March 21 a minibus and two cars collided near the off-ramp on the F3 Freeway at Warnervale on the Sparks Road interchange.


It is not yet clear how the accident came to occur, although the Newcastle Herald reported on March 22 that the large passenger vehicle and a small sedan may have been travelling along Sparks Road at the time, when a Ford Falcon crossed into their lane.


The impact saw the male driver of the Ford that may have precipitated the incident receive a number of injuries to his chest and leg.


He was removed from his vehicle by emergency services and transferred to the nearby John Hunter Hospital in Lambton Heights.


The driver of the smaller sedan – a 43-year-old woman – was trapped in the remains of her car for a period of time while rescuers fought to remove her.


She suffered a number of serious fractures to her leg and pelvis during the impact and was subsequently airlifted to the John Hunter Hospital in the Westpac Rescue Helicopter.


The only other occupant in the car at the time was the woman’s daughter, who managed to escape the scene with only minor injuries.


The victim received treatment from paramedics at the scene and was later transferred to the nearby Wyong Hospital for further treatment and observation.


On a more fortunate note, the 15 occupants of the minibus that was involved in the crash – residents from a local nursing home who were out on an excursion – were lucky enough to avoid physical injury, although police reports described them as “shaken”.


The F3 interchange at Sparks Road was closed for a number of hours as emergency services tended to the victims.


Afterwards, police maintained the barriers for a time to allow forensic investigators to examine the scene in order to determine how the accident came to occur – including interviewing a number of witnesses.


While a large number of the individuals involved in this crash were able to walk away unscathed, it helps to serve as a reminder of the importance of compensation lawyers in gaining access to payments for medical complications that may become present later on.


In particular, head injuries carry with them a certain level of risk, as concussion can sometimes develop into more severe conditions over time.

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