Three car crash in Narooma claims the life of 85-year-old driver

Date: Dec 15, 2011

A three-vehicle crash on the New South Wales south coast has claimed the life of an 85-year-old man and sent several others to hospital.

According to reports, the male victim was driving his Subaru station wagon north along the Princess Highway when he decided to overtake a semi-trailer at Narooma at around 11:00 on December 9.

Police told Narooma News on December 13 that the large vehicle was carrying an oversize load at the time – meaning it was wider than a standard trailer.

As a result the Subaru driver crossed the double white lines in his passing attempt – entering the wrong lane shortly after the vehicles crossed Whittaker's Creek.

The Subaru collided head-on with a Ford utility vehicle driven by a male council employee travelling in the opposite direction – with the initial impact strong enough to send the ute spinning out of control before finally coming to rest in the middle of the highway.

As a result, the elderly driver's car was thrown into the double axle of the semi-trailer he was trying to overtake before being flung back into the south-bound


Following the Ford was a Mitsubishi two-door sedan driven by a 17-year-old male – the vehicle also hit the Subaru head-on as it was deflected from the truck.

Police reported that the 85-year old man died instantly as a result of the initial crash – emergency services were unable to revive him.

The driver of the Ford ute managed to escape major injury, but was still taken to the nearby Moruya hospital for treatment.

Both the driver and the male passenger in the Mitsubishi were also transferred to the medical facility, with one suffering from severe bruising from the impact while the other required a number of stitches to a gash on his knee.

The driver of the over-seize semi-trailer is believed to have walked away from the accident unharmed.

Severe traffic congestion followed the accident as police closed of a section of the Princess Highway for a number of hours.

Specialist investigators used this time to examine the scene for evidence before salvage crews were called in to remove the damaged vehicles.

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