Things you need to know about the new WorkCover reforms

Date: Aug 08, 2012

Most people in NSW will be aware that reforms to workers compensation laws were passed through parliament in June.
The new legislation caused uproar among some professions, with many groups of people unhappy about the changes.
Hundreds of firefighters went on strike and were eventually granted exemption from the reforms alongside policemen, but there are still many other workers in the state that fall under the new scheme.
Now that some of the disquiet has calmed down, WorkCover is publishing some information on the rollout of the laws.
The organisation issued a statement yesterday (August 7), outlining the proposed implementation scheme for the reforms.
Here are a few things that you need to know.
The new scheme comes into effect on October 1
For those who are confused about when the new laws come into play, the start date for most people is October 1 2012.
However, NSW minister for finance and services Greg Pearce explained that the rollout would be staggered to accommodate those that are already injured.
“Workers injured after October 1 2012 will receive improved benefits under the new legislation while all other injured workers will be transitioned to the new scheme from 1 January 2013” Mr Pearce said.
“Additionally, all seriously injured workers will receive their increased benefits under the new legislation from 17 September,” he added.
The onus is on employers to help staff return to work
Mr Pearce also outlined the role that employers play under the reforms. He said that it was important that they learnt what their responsibilities would be should an employee be injured at the workplace.
He explained that official guidelines would be made available to help them better understand their role.
“Under the new legislation employers are subject to strict new requirements to assist their injured workers to return to work,” Mr Pearce said.


“The government is committed to improving WorkCover’s capability to get workers back on the job sooner and inform employers of their new obligations.”


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