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The beat that my heart skipped

A recent announcement has put people with a HeartWare Ventricular Assist Device (HVAD) on edge. With the release of a hazard alert, those using the device should be wary of the risks that come with faulty equipment.

In instances like this, it's important to seek the advice of both a medical professional and compensation lawyers in Sydney. The latter can help you meet any financial cost through a claim against the manufacturer.

Hazard alert puts users in the red

In conjunction with the Therapeutic Goods Administration, HeartWare has announced an alert for its Ventricular Assist Device. The warning stems from potential problems with fluid or foreign material entering the device and cause electrical faults. 

In response, the company is recalling all affected units, including those that have not been implanted. 

The HVAD system takes over the responsibility for pumping that would usually be the duty of the heart. The system is made up of a pump, attached to a patient's heart and is connected to an external controller, which governs the pump's function and monitors the system. 

It is used in a wide-range of situations. For instance, it can be implanted in patients awaiting heart transplants or it can provide an alternative to transplantation. The company says the potential for incidents are limited to 5 per cent of the implanted devices and it occurs most commonly 30 days after implantation. 

What should I do?

Not all of HeartWare's devices are impacted, which is good news. The affected devices carry model number 1104, with serial numbers lower than HW25838. 

There have been two reported cases occurring in Australia in the last two years. However, in both cases HeartWare personnel successfully cleaned the driveline. The two patients were released without further complication and are at home in stable conditions. 

When it comes to your health, there are no second chances. As such, it's imperative to always be aware of the options you have available to you. If you have this device, it is important to seek health advice from a professional. 

Following this, a talk with compensation lawyers from Sydney can help you understand the legal options available to you. If you would like to know more about compensation, talk to an expert at Gerard Malouf and Partners today. 

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