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The all-encompassing nature of public liability injury claims

In New South Wales, the state government has established several laws that protect the public from negligence on the part of manufacturers, retailers, importers and other businesses, which make up all forms of public liability injury claims.

However, because there are so many instances in which it may be possible for someone to file a public liability injury claim, it may be best to take a moment to learn what, in fact, can lead to compensation from a claim.

While one of the most obvious circumstances is being injured in an accident in a public space, such as slipping on a wet surface while shopping, this form of claim extends well beyond slip, trip and fall accidents.

If you are injured on any form of transport, such as a motor vehicle, motorcycle, train, ferry or similar mode of transportation, there will likely be grounds for filing a claim.

One of the least-understood aspects of injury claims may be how using a defective product can lead to compensation. If a product is determined to be defective, and this defect was the cause of bodily harm, the victim can file an injury claim to receive compensation for medical and legal costs, time away from work and all pain and suffering endured.

Other forms of public liability injury claims

You may also be able to receive compensation if you suffer any injury that may be the result of a criminal act, which may be available through the Victims of Crime Compensation program.

Considering mental and emotional damage can still be considered an injury, claims can also include instances of workplace discrimination, sexual abuse or harassment and even the result of professional services that have been found to have acted negligently in handling your affairs.

However, there is one thread that ties all of these types of claims together: Timing. Regardless of which type of claim you file, it must be done within the allotted time period. These time limits are strict, and if the claim is submitted after the deadline the court will look into whether or not the claim can be reviewed.

This leads to a much longer legal process, and could potentially keep you from receiving compensation.

The best way to keep this from happening is to get in touch with public liability injury lawyers who have years of experience in dealing with these matters.

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