Tanya P of NSW

Date: Jul 15, 2019

Dear Kim

When my accident happened I was advised to take action for compensation, something I had no intention of doing in the beginning.

However the people who caused this accident were so mean to me that I took the said given advice and started looking around for someone to help me.

I spoke to several other companies because I really wasn’t familiar with anything like this.

I was very disappointed with the response, or rather the lack of response that I recieved from these companies, that I almost gave up.

Then I called Gerard Malouf & Partners, the best phone call I have made in my life. Almost immediately I knew that I had made the right decision. From the very beginning G.M.P. were fabulous and I felt like I was in good

Things ticked over for the first year, however I didn’t really feel that my case had any significance and I thought that I may have fallen through the cracks somewhat.

I am not a pushy person at all , but I was starting to feel anxious because there was not alot of communication between my solicitor at the time and myself.

Then a ” miracle” happened!!!! Zac Mackic and his lovely secretary Dyana Spencer came to my rescue.

I say ” miracle ” because within a month or so there was so much communication and ‘correspondence between myself and Zac I couldn’t believe it.

I am totally HOPELESS when it comes to technology but because Zac and Dyana were putting so much effort into my case, I really pushed myself, and spent hours in my local library driving the poor staff crazy, so I could keep up with my end of the deal.

As a result of all their hard work and dedication ,the nightmare that I have been experiencing for the last 18 or so months is now finally over.

I cannot tell you how happy and grateful I am, that these two fabulous team members of yours came into my life and acually gave me back my life!

Both Dyana and Zac truly, went above and beyond the call of duty and I have’t even met them.

So in conclusion, I’d like you to know that, from this wonderful experience and outcome I am eternally grateful to Zac and Dyana, and when Zac returns from his well earned vacation I will endeavor to come to Parramatta to meet them both and thank them in person.

I will recommend your company to anyone and everyone who is in need of the BEST.

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