Ms M H

Date: Jul 15, 2019

I wanted to thank you for the amazing job you have done to assist me with my personal injury claim.

I had a severe car accident 11 years ago, and whilst my severe neck injury improved and I returned to life, work and sporting activity, I still had to be cautious of my neck. Four years ago I was crushed in a fast moving electronic door which malfunctioned and I suffered significant lateral whiplash. This brought about not only severe insult to my previous injuries but debilitated me significantly. Being a young energetic mother of four with my own private practice I had to endure and live through the most horrific pain which the herniated cervical neck discs caused. My husband and children were always in fear of hurting my neck, I had to be helped out of bed and my quality of life diminished dramatically in that time. Even moving through the shops or sitting in a theatre, I had to constantly prevent my head and neck from mechanical stress by people bumping me.

My claim was complicated and convoluted due to other medical issues such as depression and anxiety, which was diagnosed after my car accident and post trauma symptoms. From the outset you listened, always acted in my best interests and supported me unconditionally. You never judged me and believed in me. And I left my claim until the end of my statutory time frames, and my claim needed to be expedited. Your efficiency and diligence always surprised me as I have worked with many solicitors and the biggest complaint I always heard from patients/ clients is how ‘hopeless’, lazy’ or ‘slow’ ‘my solicitor is’. I always had the exact opposite experience of your services and I felt that your humorous candid wit kept me positive when I felt like giving up.

What impressed me the most however is that you were willing to forgo a large sum of service fees to ensure that I ended up with the compensation my family so desperately needed.

Thanks to you Tony my claim has been finalised with an unexpected amount to pay for my medicals. Since this time I have been having state of the art treatment with a private Pain Specialist who has recently admitted me to his Private Day Surgery four times in the lead up to high frequency radiotherapy of a number of cervical nerves. I now have other treatment options which I would not have been able to pay for if not for you and your team at Gerard Malouf and Partners.

I would like to thank also, Priyanka, your personal assistant who was always happy to speak with me and help in any way she could. Shetal also did a fabulous job of sorting through many fine and tedious details. Our Barrister was kind, funny and clever – and never once became rattled in the situation. Even the Mediator was completely professional and impartial and put me at ease.

Gerard Malouf and Partners helped me make good decisions without the need of going to court.

I believe the whole team at Gerard, Malouf and Partners has been hand picked to offer one of the best legal services I could have hoped for.

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