Michelle of NSW

Date: Jul 15, 2019

I wish there was enough room in this email so I could tell you how wonderful they both are. I contacted a few law firms before I finally chose Gerard Malouf & Partners.

They were very prompt and professional. When I went to visit at their office for further consultation the atmosphere and the way they greeted me made me feel like a very important client and took consideration for any conditions I had at the time. After the meeting I decided to hire them for my case and did not have any regrets. Let me start with David Cossalter first.

I am an anxious person, and David found that out at our first depositions. He guided me, told me to keep calm and told me I was doing a good job with the opposing team. After that, he was very truthful about my case and told me like it was. Often many people hate their lawyers, because they “skip around the truth” not David, he has been sooo kind about helping me understand this. When my case was over it was sad, not because I lost (I didn’t), but because I felt like I had been a part of a family, David said “It’s ok; we will always be here if you need us for anything else. Thank you for david He really is a charm.

Now for lisa, she was very good at letting me know what steps I needed to take for each situation I have had your firm deal with for me. I guess you could call her a “great leader”, as she gets what she goes after, and lets you know what the other side is doing and how it would be better if you think about what they are offering. She always returned all of my calls and also kept me feeling calm. Many of us clients I am sure experience this anxiety, but I can still hear lisa saying” “now you know the address don’t be late for your barristers appointment’. What a wonderful asset lisa is to your firm. one thing i loved was how she would say “See I told you we could do this.” such a positive character.

I cannot express enough how wonderful these two were to both my partner and myself. Your attention to my case had allowed me to focus on what was important to me, healing and recovery. Thank you!

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