Michael Bingham of NSW

Date: Jul 15, 2019

“The services provided by Gerad malouf and Partners in attempting to obtain adequate and sufficient compensation for the damages incurred was top notch, excellent and absolutely outstanding.

I would like to express my gratitude to Gerard Malouf and Partners and in particular my acting solicitor Ms Julie Baqleh who made sure my claim progressed at a rapid rate and within a proficient manner.

It isn’t just the professional relationship that matters, however the personal human connection the solicitors at Gerad Malouf and partners encompass and offer. That connection not only reassures the client however makes them feel like all parties involved in the proceeding are acting towards a fundamental goal (achieving justice for the client). When you are with Gerard Malouf and Partners you know that the client comes first it isn’t some marketing line used!!!

I would also like to personally thank the services of Mr Gerard Malouf. Even though Mr Malouf is the owner of a considerably busy firm, he always had time to reassure and answer any particulars with reference to my claim including answering my emails or directing the query to someone within the firm who would have the capacity to adequately deal with the problem at hand.

Both management and solicitors alike understand what clients want and give it to them in the most productive and cost efficient manner possible.”

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