From Ange of Sydney

Date: Jul 15, 2019

“I was completely ecstatic with my legal team provided to me by Gerard Malouf and Partners. My legal team comprised of my instructing solicitor Mrs Lana Ventsov, and my delightful barristers Mr Barry Hall QC and barrister David Elliot. I was nervous at all times, but they made me feel very important and most of all, they gave me the courage to continue along in my pursuit to win my case, especially when no one believed in me. They picked me up and gave me the confidence I needed to excel and be strong.

I remember it like yesterday, when we came out of the Supreme Court, the final hearing. It was like an audience; people approached me and patted me, telling me I’m a strong lady. After a few weeks, we found out we won! It was absolutely wonderful.

I was extremely pleased with my team. My instructing solicitor Lana was just delightful. I would love to email her occasionally and keep in touch with her. Mr Gerard Malouf, an exceptionally nice man. I have known him since he was a young boy pursuing his education. I was just astonished when he was the man I first met. I was extremely comfortable with him since the day I first walked in his door. He always reassured me letting me know things would be ok.

I have nothing but praise for Gerard Malouf and his team, who in turn became my team. A job well done!”

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