Teenage motorcyclist dies in NSW accident

Date: Aug 25, 2011

A NSW teenager has died after an accident in the state's southwest saw a collision between a motorcycle and two other vehicles.

The crash occurred in North Albury at around 18:50 yesterday evening (August 24) near the intersection of Mate Street and Fallon Street.

Police report that a utility vehicle and a Mitsubishi Magna were also involved in the incident.

The 17-year-old male rider was thrown from his bike after it collided with the ute, sustaining pervasive critical injuries.

Nearby members of the public raced to the aid of the victim, administering CPR until emergency services arrived to take over.

Ambulance officers then transferred the victim to Albury Base Hospital for immediate treatment but he died a few minutes after arrival.

Occupants of the ute and the sedan were unhurt by the accident and did not require hospitalisation for medical treatments.

South-bound lanes on Mate Street and a section of Fallon Street were closed while emergency services checked the site.

A crime scene was then established allowing specialist crash investigators from Albury Local Area Command to inspect the damaged vehicles and the surrounding area.

It is unclear at this stage what caused the accident, with police saying that investigations into the full circumstances of the crash are currently underway.

The roads have since been cleared for travel by public motorists.

In NSW, the costs of medical treatments and some rehabilitation procedures sustained by victims of motor vehicle collision can be covered by car accident compensation.

Claims can be launched by people affected even if they were not the driver – motorcycle pillions and passengers in vehicles involved accidents may also be eligible.

Those involved in blameless collisions – where no driver can be shown to be directly responsible – are also able to apply for compensation.

The Motor Accidents Authority makes provisions for these cases where unforeseeable circumstances – such as sudden mechanical failure – result in a crash, as opposed to an incident resulting solely from human error.

Payments can be made for a range of costs and are not limited to medical expenses – amounts can be made available to victims who acquire permanent impairments as a result of a collision.

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