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Teen dies in rolling accident

One man has died and another has received medical treatment after a crash in the southwest of New South Wales on January 27.

Police say that the incident involved a 19-year-old man on his P2 provisional license driving a Ford XR6 sedan near the small community of Moulamein near the Victorian border.

They received a call shortly after 04:50 regarding an accident on Nacurrie Road about 14 kilometres from the town and emergency services were dispatched soon after.

Officers arrived on the scene to find the Ford in a "badly damaged" state and the driver deceased.

His one passenger – a 20-year-old man – managed to escape from the incident with minor injuries and was subsequently taken to a hospital nearby.

Investigators cordoned off the site on the approach to the Murrein Yarrein Creek Bridge and established a crime scene while they examined the area for clues as to what caused the accident.

The process slowed traffic on Nacurrie Road for a number of hours before police were able to call in salvage crews to remove the wrecked vehicle.

At this stage it is thought that the young driver may have lost control of his vehicle on the corner leading up to the bridge, although they have not commented on whether speed or alcohol was a factor.

In NSW, victims who are injured during a crash are able to apply for car accident compensation payments.

These funds are made available by the Motor Accident Authority (MAA), which provides a number of legislative avenues for these funds to be made available.

While obviously providing for drivers who are injured during a collision, the MAA also allows individuals not directly involved in a crash to apply for compensation.

This means that passengers may be eligible to apply for payments through the Motor Accidents Scheme.

These funds can be used to provide coverage for any medical bills or rehabilitation therapies that the victims may require as a direct result of their car-related injuries.

On top of this, the MAA may make special lump-sum payments available for individuals who experience pain and suffering, as well as those who are unable to work.

While the thought of preparing medical documents and legal statements can seem like a big step, a car accident lawyer can give victims the help they need to produce a coherent and logical case, potentially maximising a claim.

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