Taxi driver trapped after power pole smash

Date: Aug 29, 2011

A taxi driver was trapped in his cab for over an hour after an accident in the Sydney suburb of Newtown on Sunday (August 28).

The crash occurred at around 03:25 when a taxi collided with a power pole on the side of Enmore Road.

Upon impact, the wooden pole splintered and collapsed to the ground, with live wires snapping off and falling on and around the wrecked car.

Members of the public were unable to assist the trapped man, as electricity was coursing directly through the damaged vehicle's chassis.

Emergency services had to wait around an hour until the power lines in the area were shut off by engineers from Energy Australia.

Once the power lines were isolated from the grid it took a further 30 minutes for members from the Police Rescue team and fire brigade to gain access to the man.

Debris from the taxi was scattered across Enmore Road, with the taxi coming to rest on its side after having its front torn open and the engine components exposed by the impact.

The driver was stabilised at the scene by ambulance officers before being taken to a nearby hospital for further treatments as well as mandatory blood and urine tests.

It is unclear how the accident occurred at this time, with police closing the road for extended periods over the weekend to allow special forensic crash officers to examine the scene before salvage teams cleared the wreckage.

The surrounding areas are currently without electricity and Enmore Road will remain closed until crews from Energy Australia are able to replace the damaged power pole.

Police have thanked bystanders and motorists for their patience and cooperation in following directions given by emergency personnel during the road closure.

The victim may be able to claim for car accident compensation to cover his medical costs and any rehabilitation courses he may have to attend.

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