Tanker crash on Sydney Harbour Bridge

Date: Nov 07, 2011

An accident involving a fuel tanker on the Sydney Harbour Bridge has landed three people in hospital – one in a critical condition.

At around 13:20 on November 4 the heavy transport vehicle – which was empty at the time – collided with a car on the Bradfield Highway.

Initial reports indicate that a 48-year-old female driver may have veered into the wrong lane before colliding head-on with the tanker.

The car's driver suffered serious head wounds and was trapped in her vehicle for half an hour while emergency crews tried to free her.

Local Area Commander of The Rocks district Superintendent Garry O'Dell told reporters that video footage showed that the injured woman was driving the vehicle that caused the accident.

O'Dell asserted: "Obviously that will be the key to our investigation to how [the accident] did occur.

"Certainly we've determined which vehicle was at fault and we're just trying to work out why she did veer across the road and into the oncoming vehicles."

The fuel transport jack-knifed as the driver applied the brakes, sliding for a further 50 metres before coming to a complete stop – blocking four lanes and bursting a water main in the process.

Paramedics said the female driver was unconscious when they arrived on the scene and was transferred to the Royal North Shore Hospital by the Care Flight Rescue Helicopter.

Upon arrival a hospital spokesperson said that the victim was in a "critical but stable" condition.

The truck driver was not injured by the accident and was not taken to hospital.

However a further three cars were involved in the collision and paramedics treated seven occupants at the scene.

Of those, a 20-year-old woman was taken to the Royal Prince Alfred hospital with extensive chest wounds, along with a 20-year-old male who suffered suspected spinal injuries.

Emergency crews were able to examine the scene and clear debris in fairly short order, with the bridge re-opening to vehicles after 15:00.

Traffic in Sydney was backed up for a significant distance, with the Transport Management Centre advising that the CBD had become heavily congested as a result.

Superintendent Garry O'Dell said that the timing of the accident contributed to the traffic jam, with Friday afternoon flows getting caught in the confusion.

He said: "Because of the sheer volume of traffic that does use the bridge, that type of an afternoon, it was always going to be difficult."

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