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Sydney undergoing a ‘bike revolution’ – mayor

The number of people riding their bicycles in Sydney is booming, according to lord mayor Clover Moore.

Over 20,000 Sydneysiders participated in the Sydney Rides Festival, which recently came to an end.

Events over the festival period included a Ride2Work Day and a Bike Film Festival. There were 30 community events in total.

Lord mayor Clover Moore said that it is fantastic to see so many people taking advantage of Sydney’s cycle network.

“The festival was a celebration of Sydney’s bike revolution,” Ms Moore said in a statement issued last week (November 8).

“The event spread from Waterloo to Woolloomooloo, and showed how Sydney’s growing network of separated cycleways is providing safer connections for riders,” she added.

There have been a number of new cycleways built in Sydney in recent years. This helps to improve the safety of cyclists and minimise the risk of accidents.

However, cyclists and motorists still need to exercise extra caution and use the roads responsibly. While the road is there to be shared, travelling by bike can still be dangerous, especially in rush hour traffic.

When on the road, cyclists should always wear a helmet and abide by the road rules – this means no running red lights or pedestrian crossings, or ignoring give way regulations.

There are lawyers in Sydney who can seek compensation on your behalf if you have been the victim of a bicycle accident.

However, do not let the risk of getting hurt put you off hopping onto your bike. Cycling is a great alternative mode of transport – it is good for your health and wellbeing, the environment and also much more affordable than driving.

And the more cyclists there are in the city, the more likely the local government will be able to invest in improved infrastructure.

Ms Moore said that the number of riders has already grown exponentially and is expected to continue to rise.

“The Sydney Rides Festival is a celebration of riding in our beautiful city, and adds to our goal of increasing the number of trips in the inner city from one per cent to ten per cent,” the mayor explained.

“Since we started building our cycleway network, the number of bike trips has increased by 82 per cent – and even more where we have invested in the separated cycleway infrastructure,” she added.

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